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Hospice care is the heartbeat of our facility.  This is what we are best known for, and we do hospice care very well.  Our live in, full-time licensed nurse has many years as a hospice nurse with various hospice companies.  Our ultimate goal is to insure that as a resident progresses, that we keep them free from pain and anxiety and for their time left to be meaningful.  We also look to the welfare of the family members of our hospice residents.  The last days with their loved one should be good, peaceful memories.  When people go through hospice at home, the family has to divide their time between care taking and trying to spend quality time with the patient.  Here at Starwood Manor, families can devote quality time with their loved one and not have to worry about when to give the next pill.  Some of our residents have even progressed so well on hospice at our facility that they have gone off hospice because they no longer qualify and are thriving. 

If your family is faced with going through hospice with a loved one, please contact us for more information.  This is a big step, and we are here to help guide you through it with grace. 

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