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Often the thing that results in a senior being placed in a facility is a cognitive issue.  Mom keeps forgetting to take her medications, dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Grandma cannot remember to turn off the burners on the stove, Grandpa didn't used to be verbally or physically aggressive....

For family members trying to provide care for loved ones with dementia, it can be a daunting task, often leading to caregiver breakdown (burnout).  

So you start researching "memory care" facilities.  But they generally have limited caretaker-resident ratios which means mom won't be getting one-on-one attention often.  And these are generally facilities that FEEL like a facility.  Not to mention that there is usually a person down the hall that screams "help me!" all day and all night.  

If that environment doesn't sound like a good fit, we have the answer.  Here at Starwood Manor each resident gets intensive one on one attention, so we can tailor our care plans specific to the individual.  and our home-like setting is calming and peaceful.  We also specialize in medication management for cognitive issues so that our residents aren't having to be sedated all day long and can achieve quality of life, no matter the level of dementia.

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