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The number one reason someone admits to our facility is because of a need for skilled nursing care that is not available at independent living homes, retirement communities, or large assisted living facilities.  Mom fell and broke her hip and is being discharged from PT tomorrow, Dad had surgery and the wound is not healing right, Grandma is a diabetic and needs insulin shots four times a day, Grandpa's medications are not working right and his quality of life is diminished.  These kinds of issues are difficult to face for a patient.  Add to this difficulty being forced suddenly to move out of one's own home and loose the ability to make personal decisions for oneself.  Add to that increasing limitations, and now you have depression and a tendency toward isolation.  This is very common.  

At Starwood Manor, our answer to this is a combination of excellent skilled nursing care (live in licensed nurse), pain management, proper medication management through good coordination between facility and physician, an environment that feels spoiling and peaceful, a care plan that maximizes quality of life, and attention to the smallest of details.  We have seen resident after resident transform from being depressed to thriving.  

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