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1.  How are fees paid for monthly stay?

     Our rates vary based on the level of care and we determine that upon assessment and let you know right away.  Once the rate is set, it always stays the same.  It includes everything except personal effects, medications and medical care (ie: physician visits which are generally covered under Medicare).  We provide the rest.  There are no other sliding scale costs or hidden fees.  Medicare and Medicaid do not cover the costs of the room accommodations.  We are private pay.  Some long-term insurance companies work with personal care homes to cover the costs.

2.  What is included in the cost?

     Residents have access to all common areas of the Lower East Wing of the extensively large Villa.  This includes their own private room, access to the huge bathroom, a secondary bathroom off the living room, the hallway areas, the laundry room, kitchenette, dining area and back covered patio seating area.  In addition, guests are welcome to all areas of the grounds.   Also included are very high end meals, snacks as desired, wifi, an enormous TV, 24-7 staffing, one-on-one person-centered care, medication management, care plan management, coordination of care staff, laundry, and assistance with activities of daily living.

3.  Is assistance available overnight?

     Highly trained staff is available 24-7

4.  Are residents allowed to take advantage of the grounds?

     Residents are encouraged to enjoy the beauty of the grounds here.   For those who love to watch the deer come out at night or listen to the rustling of our Spanish Oak Creek, the serenity of the grounds is enchanting.  We often feed the deer off the back porch in the early evenings.  Also, our pet squirrel Rocquita has her outdoor walk-in cage on our back porch and loves to entertain visitors.

5.  Can I keep my own doctor?

     Residents can keep their own doctor but would need to provide their own transportation.  Or we do have doctors who come here to see our residents as well.  In addition, we also receive house calls from a number of other professionals who bill directly to Medicare: a dentist, radiologist, nurses, hospice care workers, shower aides, and physical therapists.  We also provide access to a massage therapist, beautician and acupuncturist (at resident's discretion and cost).  

6.  Is your contract long-term?

     Our contract is month-to-month.  There is a refundable deposit of $1000 at move-in.  

7.  Do you take pets?

     Pets are on an approved basis.  We have a variety of wonderful pets here already including several dogs, 2 rabbits and a pet squirrel, all which live in a different part of the house, but which residents can access if desired.

8.  What level of residents do you accept?

     We actually have a licensed nurse who lives here as well as several other highly trained staff people.  So we can accommodate highly independent residents as well as residents who are bed-bound or have complicated health or mental challenges.   We are well known in the community for our expertise in hospice care.  

9.  How can I schedule a tour in person?

     You may email us or call.  Our information is on the Contact Us page.  Tours are by appointment.

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